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We will exam your eye status in detail before we decide which way and what kind of surgery will be the best for you. The preoperative eye test has 51 type tests and it takes about one and half hour to two hours which is not a simple eye test you could get at a hospital. And we have joined a compensational insurance which can be made up for comprehensive medical malpractice up to 100 Million won per a case maximum 300 million won per a person.
We guarantee that we will take care of your eye in your lifetime after the refractive surgery at Kangnam Joeunnun Eye Center.
We offer free additional vision correction such as nearsightedness or astigmatism regression, less or over correction and etc. caused by refractive surgery. In addition, free regular eye exams related to the surgery will be given to you in your lifetime.
All information related to the eye exams and surgery will be safe and preserved even after the period designated by law permanently so that you will be able to ask the document whenever you need.

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