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  • Reservation

    1. Reservation

    2. Preoperative Exam

    3. Cautions for after the surgery

    4. Detail Check with the doctor

    5. Preparation for the operation

    6. Explain the process for the surgery and caution

    7. Refractive Surgery

    8. Recovery Room

    9. Final check with the doctor

    10. Schedule for the Regular check



    1. (Reservation)
    2. (Preoperative Exam)
    3. (Cautions for after the surgery)
    4. (Detail Check with the doctor)
    5. (Preparation for the operation)
    6. (Explain the process for the surgery and caution)
    7. (Refractive Surgery)
    8. (Recovery Room)
    9. (Final check with the doctor)
    10.(Schedule for the Regular check)



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